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Are you seeking the best option to assure the health of your organization’s employees?  The Center for Nonprofit Advancement provides its member organizations with a wide variety of high-quality insurance options at the best possible value.

For 30 years, the Center’s VitalHealth (health program) has provided benefits to small and large nonprofit organizations in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.  When you select VitalHealth, you will join nearly 6,000 satisfied nonprofit employees and family members throughout the region, all while gaining access to affordable and comprehensive medical coverage.

Participating organizations have enjoyed unparalleled access to coverage options through an array of medical, vision and dental plans.  Additionally, the Center offers access to a series of life insurance options.

Besides the flexibility of the plans, you will receive great customer service, security and consistency in cost, and overall peace of mind.  What’s more, your overall costs are lowered by purchasing insurance with fellow nonprofits.

The highlights of the plan include:

  • Choice of four (4) medical plans from UnitedHealthcare.
  • Access: Dental, vision and life insurance available to organizations with one employee working at least 20 hours per week.
  • Guarantee Issue (no underwriting)
  • Competitive Rates: Renewal rates 7% lower than the regional average in 2014
  • COBRA Coverage: Offered to active members regardless of size
  • Purchasing insurance with fellow nonprofits
  • As a member of VitalHealth, you also have access to short- and long-term disability insurance

Who Can Enroll?

  • Members of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement are eligible to apply to VitalHealth.
  • Medical plans are available to Center member organizations with two or more employees, working 20 or more hours per week.
  • In addition, vision, life, and dental plans are available to Center member organizations with one employee working at least 20 hours per week.
  • Only W-2 employees at Center member nonprofits may enroll. Board members, Contract employees and volunteers cannot enroll in our plan.
  • VitalHealth medical plans are not available to employee groups of 2 - 50 in Maryland, as a result of the Maryland Small Group Insurance Reform law.
  • Participation in VitalHealth requires a separate application process and is not automatic with Center membership.

Please note, participation in VitalHealth requires a separate application process and is only available to members of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement.

VitalHealth Plan Receives Exemption from DC Insurance Commission

Thanks to an exemption granted by the DC Insurance Commissioner, DC nonprofits have continued and expanded access to medical benefits through VitalHealth. This exemption means that any participating employer (nonprofit organization), regardless of the number of employees employed by the participating employer, is eligible to remain in or join the VitalHealth program to obtain medical benefits for employees. VitalHealth program participants are exempt from purchasing medical coverage through the DC Health Link. Those employers who were previously considered "small employers" are also now eligible to enroll in any medical option we offer rather than being limited to "grandfathered" medical offerings.

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