Our Team


Glen O'Gilvie, CAE, Chief Executive Officer

Taylor Strange, Chief Operating Officer


Maisha Armstrong, Development Specialist

Ericka Best, Executive Associate

Andy Cooley, Property and Casualty/D&O Insurance Manager

Cameron Davis, Finance Accountant, VitalHealth

Betty Dean, Director of Advocacy

Lawrence Duff, CPA, Finance Manager, VitalHealth

Pat Durbin, Broker, Capital Group

Charles Evans, Capacity Building Specialist

Amir Eyal, JD, CFP®, Employee and Executive Benefits Specialist, Mylestone Plans

Lorraine Fowlkes, Office Coordinator

Javier Goldin, CPA, Manager, BOB Finance

Elisha Hardy, VitalHealth Manager

Eric Magwood

Goldie Patrick, Capacity Building Specialist

Aziza Rush, VitalHealth Customer Operations Coordinator

Sean Sweeney, Education and Program Manager