AIMing for Excellence with Mylestone Plans

The Center is excited to announce it's 24th call for applications of the Advancement In Management (AIM) Award. This year's presenting sponsor, Mylestone Plans, sat down with us to discuss excellence in nonprofit organizational management and their decision to uplift leading nonprofits. Here's what they had to say:


Center: Why is recognizing outstanding organizational management important for the nonprofit sector? 

Mylestone: Ultimately, I believe it is so that we can derive inspiration from the individuals that are being recognized. It takes a very special leader to foster a focused culture that motivates a group of diverse individuals to accomplish great things. This is especially the case when the expectations that those leaders set were greatly exceeded and it resulted in wonderful improvements to our community. By celebrating their outstanding organizational management, we can ultimately learn from their success, and hopefully elevate ourselves to make improvements on our end that can positively impact more people.

Center: What is your #1 tip for organizations striving to demonstrate effective organizational management to funders?

Mylestone: Documenting real success stories along with explaining the methodology used to achieve it is powerful. Meticulously organizing this information to funders in a passionate and compelling manner demonstrates effective organization management. Funders also want to see that the team working towards the mission is motivated and there is a positive, and energetic culture that is conducive to the achievement of excellence.

Center: How have previous AIM Award winners inspired your work with nonprofits?

Mylestone: For over 30 years Mylestone Plans continues to be inspired by the hundreds of nonprofits we serve. In fact, many of our clients have received the AIM award in the past. We intimately got to know their leaders and staff when advising them on their 403(b) or 401(k) plans, counselling them on their personal finances, helping them create a retirement plan, or advising their Boards and fiduciaries on their endowment’s investments.

We draw inspiration from our relationships when we witness the level of dedication reflected in their unique cultures. Through thoughtful leadership we see how adaptive and creative they can be and how it allows them to weather the most difficult of times. As a result, their dedication, creativity, and adaptability produces so much collective good in our community. We are very honored to share a small part in their overall success.

Center: How does your company assist the organizational management strategies of nonprofits?

Mylestone: We offer extensive hands on financial wellness support and education to nonprofit executives and staff through their benefits program. We empower executives and staff to (1) understand their current personal financial condition, (2) identify and set goals to improve their condition, and (3) receive guidance on how to achieve those goals. When your team feels more secure about their personal finances it helps relieve their anxieties about their own future financial condition. In turn, they can better focus on the culture of excellence your organization is constantly molding and perfecting to better achieve your mission statement.

Center: Any other thoughts on innovation in nonprofit organizational management?

Mylestone: We are observing that the lack of an executive succession plan for an organization is a major issue that can severely stymie the effectiveness of an organization’s structural management program. In fact, we are seeing many talented key executives retiring or preparing to retire in droves. Many organizations are finding themselves in the unfortunate position of having to replace this precious wisdom and talent.

For years we have been assisting nonprofits better prepare for the departure of their key executives from a comprehensive financial planning perspective. In addition, we counsel incoming executives on negotiating their compensation packages. Furthermore, we assist incoming executives who will be inundated with newly acquired fiduciary responsibilities. We do so by creating systems for them through their benefits program to save them massive amounts of time and mitigate their newly acquired liability.


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