Best Practices from the Best in the Sector

Each year, the Center for Nonprofit Advancement and The Washington Post host an event to celebrate The Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management’s three finalists. The event culminates in a grand reveal – the moment when finalists and attendees alike find out which organization is the ultimate winner of the 2015 Award.

But the event isn’t just about naming a winner; it’s also about celebrating the importance of leadership and management, and sharing the very best tips and tools with the entire nonprofit community.

Before announcing the winner, the ceremony kicks off with a best practices session, where the finalists join each other on stage to share the management tactics and strategies that their respective organization uses to achieve success.

This two-hour discussion offers a wealth of information to listeners in the room. Attendees can learn from some of the most forward-thinking and innovative nonprofit management teams in the greater Washington area and adapt the insights they hear to their organization. Kelly Sweeney McShane, President and CEO of Community of Hope, the 2012 Excellence in Nonprofit Management Award Winner, recently shared what she’s learned from the Best Practices Ceremony:

“I have attended many best practices events for this award and every time I go I learn something new; a new perspective or lens to use to view nonprofit management. I’ve learned about different organizational cultures and how people promote it, different staff involvement campaigns, and more. There are even specific documents and tools that people can take with them from the event. It’s a great opportunity to learn from other nonprofits.”

The three nonprofits that make it to the finalist round have gone through a rigorous three-step judging process. Their management practices have been assessed and vetted by a selection committee of 25 executives with a wide range of focus areas and expertise. All nonprofits are encouraged to attend the best practices ceremony, which presents a unique opportunity to hone in on your organization’s management practices – to observe and self-assess based on what is proven to work for peers.

Join us for the May 21st Best Practices Ceremony so your organization can benefit from strategies that are backed by industry experts. We’re sharing what’s working for fellow nonprofits to motivate and elevate the D.C.-nonprofit sector as a whole, and we want you to be a part of it.

Register now for The Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management Best Practices Celebration on Thursday, May 21. The event is free for all attendees, but space is limited.