Center Staff visits DCTV

On April 14, the Membership Department and its Mexico 100 Interns visited long-time Center member DCTV, the district’s only television station devoted entirely to local programming created by and for D.C.’s communities. The membership team was welcomed by DCTV’s Community Outreach & Media Manager, Jo-Ann Enwezor, who led the team on a tour of DCTV’s facilities.

During the tour, the team saw where all the video content is filmed and prepared, which included a glimpse of their green screen studios, editing rooms, sound boards and studio equipment. The team also saw where the DCTV staff teaches its media courses and editing techniques to their members. At the end of the tour, the Center’s interns shared how they enjoyed being surrounded by the station’s high-tech and high-quality equipment.

"As interns, we have visited several member nonprofits around D.C., but this was the first time we visited an organization like DCTV," said Center intern Alan Fernando Villasenor Garcia.

Kenia Sanchez, another Center intern who visited the DCTV, said "We were amazed by the media and production support they provide to individuals and organizations. We were very thankful to meet a nonprofit that’s so vital to the community."

DCTV's mission is to provide opportunities for residents and organizations in the community to create noncommercial television programs. DCTV strives to telecast these programs on a fair and equitable basis, free of censorship or editorial control, with the ultimate goal of engaging the entire community in a dialogue that represents its varied perspectives and cultures.


Learn more about Center member DCTV and their programs: