Following DC Central Kitchen

You would think it would be hard to get over 22,000 people to follow your mission, but DC Central Kitchen (DCCK) made it look easy.

After conducting research on member's use of social media, the Center recognized DCCK as an outstanding leader on the web. Their engagement on 4 of the 5 platforms surveyed results in a following of over 22,000.

Alexander Moore, Chief Development Officer at DCCK, praises the organization's ability to communicate it's bredth and depth in a few captivating words. 

"We're more than a soup kitchen. We want to remind people we're here all year 'round, not just Christmas or Thanksgiving... Being in the conversation on social media brings attention to your mission and in so many ways, social media is a way of reminding people you are there." 

With over 14,800 followers on Twitter, 8,600 likes on Facebook, and over 800 followers on Instagram, DCCK has definitely reminded the community of their presence. But Alex credits most of their success to DCCK's Associate Communications Director, Erica Teti-Zilinskas, and Graphic Design & Digital Media Specialist, Janelle Mackereth, who are the faces behind DCCK's social media strategy and subsequent posts. 

"Ultimately for us, it's really about making sure we're connecting with our network of supporters, and that we have diversity in our communication. We're using every opportunity to communicate the crux of what DCCK is about." 

Alex and Erica laugh off their expanding clique and advise other nonprofits to join in on social media. "It's about telling the story of your organization, not feeding the social media beast." 

Their advice to nonprofits? Don't over-post, network with other communications professionals, and empower staff and volunteers to promote the organization on their own personal accounts.

Another thing that helps? "We try to make sure there's a link to our Twitter page in the newsletter and as many places as possible. When you see the DCCK logo, our Twitter handle or Facebook page are not far behind."

Stay tuned for more on the Center's social meda findings and announcements for the next Communications event!