Capacity Building Tools






Like most of our members, the Center regularly performs internal assessments to gauge how well we are meeting the evolving needs of those we serve and ensure we anticipate and prepare for changes impacting the nonprofit sector.  

Because successful capacity building is critical to a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission over time, we have spent much of the past year developing effective tools and resources nonprofits need to optimize their capacity. The result is a Capacity Building Model inspired by our refocused theory of change:

By providing high-quality and consistent capacity building assistance that is tailored to the organization’s needs, we facilitate the application of newly learned knowledge and skills within the organization and its programs which leads to improved organizational and programmatic capacity; as capacity grows, the organization becomes more sustainable and effective, achieving greater impact.

Recognizing that capacity building drives organizational and financial stability, quality, growth and future sustainability, we’ve developed a comprehensive model to address these core areas, including three new methods:



This in depth assessment of your organization helps to determine infrastructural areas that need strengthening, such as communications strategies, volunteer recruitment, thoughtful leadership succession, technology updates, outcomes measurement, accountability methods, program/service potential, leadership capabilities and other capacity influencers.



The Center has expanded our team to include Capacity Building Specialists, professionals who bring decades of experience in board governance, program management, financial management and evaluation, to name a few. These specialists offer expert hands-on support and guidance in developing and executing a plan that optimizes your organization’s capacity. Support includes coaching, accountability methods and evaluation over a period of several months up to one year.



For 38 years, the Center has provided thousands of classes, forums, conferences, series and certificate programs, tailoring training opportunities to the nonprofit needs of the day. Now, as capacity building has become a critical focus in sustaining nonprofits today and into the future, we have aligned existing and new programming to support these efforts. We can tailor training to your goals, ensuring your Board, executive leadership and staff develop competencies and skills that can make them more effective, ultimately increasing outcomes.

As we support your capacity building efforts, we will continue to broaden the Center’s capacity as well. Nonprofits are essential to the welfare and strength of our communities. Our mission is to help you successfully fulfill yours.


To request an assessment or support from a Capacity Building Specialist, contact Sean Sweeney, Education and Program Manager.