Group Buying Programs

The collective purchasing power of more than 1,000 nonprofit organizations provides Center members and their staff with access to cost savings on high-quality products and services.

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Here is a quick breakdown of the type of Group Buying programs that member nonprofits use everyday:

AFLAC Insurance

Center members have access to immediate savings involving AFLAC insurance, which provides member nonprofits and their staff members with the financial assistance they may need when an illness or serious accident occurs. 

Financial Management and Accounting with Back Office in a Box (BOB) Finance

BOB Finance provides Center members with access to a team of expert nonprofit finance professionals highly skilled in accounting software and financial management. BOB finance offers services ranging from transactional bookkeeping to grant tracking and audit preparation. 

Retirement & Employee Savings Program

The Center's partner for retirement and employee savings programs focuses on helping CEO’s and CFO’s understand their due diligence responsibilities when reviewing their existing retirement platform. We help educate our executives on best practices to reduce their fiduciary liability, guide them on whether their existing retirement plan utilizes the most cost efficient product and we provide continuing retirement education to the employees of the organization.

Liability and Commercial Insurance Program

The Center's partner for liability and commercial insurance is able to write tough exposures that other markets stay away from, some of these include drug rehabilitation centers, foster care operations and adoption agencies. Center members have access to insurance products ranging from general liability to workers compensation. Center members also receive a free Exposure Analysis and a free Coverage Audit.

Long- and Short-Term Disability Insurance

Center member have access to short-term disability insurance which is intended to protect your income for a short duration in case you become ill or injured. Members also have access to long-term disability insurance which is intended to protect your income for a long duration after you have depleted short-term disability or any sick leave your company may offer.

Unemployment Insurance

The Center’s partner for unemployment insurance provides the nonprofit community with a safe, cost-effective alternative to paying high state unemployment insurance taxes. Founded by nonprofits, for nonprofits, our partner helps members drive down the cost of unemployment claims and save an average of $7,774 a year.

Office Supplies Discounts

The Center offers an office supply discount to our members which provides extremely competitive prices, easy ordering, free next day delivery, and award-winning customer service. The office supply discount provides deep discounts on thousands of brand name supplies.

Cafeteria Plans (Section 125 Plans)

Through our partner, Center members have access to complimentary administration of IRS Section 125 Plans and insurance policies sold on a voluntary basis.

Pre-Tax Transportation Services: Parking and Mass Transit 

Mass Transit and Parking Plans are allowed under Section 132 (f) of the Internal Revenue Code. Employers may fund and/or allow employees to fund a Pre-Tax Accountto cover qualified parking expenses for employment purposes (for example, train pass used to go to/from work  and parking at a paylot during work hours.) Vanpooling is also allowed within specified rules.