Nonprofit Advocacy with Nonprofit Prince George's

The Center sat down with Hillary Lindeman of Nonprofit Prince George's County, to get her take on advocacy and building strong nonprofit - public sector partnerships in our region. What is her vision for advocacy in Greater Washington?

Why Do People Donate?

Why Do People Donate?
Guest blog post from Mylestone Plans

What truly makes someone donate to one nonprofit over another? An organization can influence someone’s decision in five key ways:

Capturing the Passion Post-Election

Capturing the Passion Post-Election with Swell Fundraising

The 2016 election season was tumultuous for everyone, regardless of your candidate. After voting day, the rise in calls for advocacy and swell of willing volunteers left nonprofits wondering how to seize the passion of their supporters. We sat down with Swell Fundraising to see what tips they could offer. Here's what they had to say: 

Millennial Giving Perspective from YNPNdc


With the kick off of #GivingTuesday, the Center wanted to shine a light on the generation of millennial donors rising to the forefront of philanthropy. We sat down with YNPNdc's Board of Directors to gain their perspective on millennial giving trends and donor engagement. Heres what they had to say: 

YNPNdc is very involved in the city. How do you give back to the nonprofit sector? 

Nonprofit Fundraising Tips from the Marriott Team at #Center16




Anne Gunsteens: What is the importance of being philanthropic? What values personally impact your giving?

Nonprofit Advocacy with DC Fiscal Institute

The Center sat down with Ed Lazere, Executive Director of DC Fiscal Policy Institue, to get his take on advocacy and building strong nonprofit - public sector partnerships in DC and the region. What is his vision for advocacy in Greater Washington? Check out what he has to say: 

Center: Give us a little background on DC Fiscal Policy Institute (DCFPI).


meet a 2016 #EXCELAward finalist: Sally White





Sally White


"We cannot be successful in a silo. We must work together with others to advocate for those in need while we strive to best meet those needs."


Meet a 2016 #EXCELAward finalist: Laurie Strongin





Laurie Strongin

HOPE for Henry Foundation

"If you remain focused on your mission, work hard and efficiently, and do what you do better than anyone else, you will be successful."


meet a 2016 #EXCELAward finalist: Scott Jackson





Scott Jackson

Global Impact

"As a leader my goal is to think about the other—the individual employee—and what their role is in the organization and how they can connect their own passions and personal journeys to their work."

Meet a 2016 #EXCELAward finalist: Christopher Fay




Christopher Fay


"Leading is an adventure, so be adventurous, and take good care of those who follow and assist you along the way."

Meet a 2016 #EXCELAward finalists: Tamara Lucas Copeland



Tamara Lucas Copeland

Washington Regional Grantmakers Association 

"Remember that sometimes a leader is out in front, but not always. Leading from the middle or from the rear are also valuable positions to reach the goal."


Nonprofits Withstanding the Test of Time

When a nonprofit establishes themselves as a 501(c)(3), they set out to accomplish a given mission. We'd like to take an opportunity to spotlight our members, Support Our Aging Religious (SOAR!) ,on their 30th anniversary of meeting the immediate needs of elderly religious individuals in Greater Washington, and Arlington Street People's Assistance Network, on their 25th year addressing homeslessness in Arlington County, VA.

Importance of Local Nonprofit Advocacy

Nonprofit organizations are especially close to the ground when it comes to emerging social issues and community needs. Thus advocacy is integral to the work that many organizations do. A homeless shelter can raise awareness of the needs of the housing-challenged. A food pantry can share the stories of the food-insecure with policy-makers. Organizations providing after-school programming can give voice to the students they serve. In order for nonprofits to address root causes, while at the same time delivering the direct services that constitute their missions, issue advocacy is a must.

Exercise Your Nonprofit’s Unemployment Tax Exemption for 2017

Last year, more than 2,100 nonprofits saved $29,968,885.47 on their unemployment claims costs.

How? Well, by federal law, 501(c)(3)s are allowed to opt-out of the state unemployment tax system, and instead only reimburse the state if and when they have an actual unemployment claim, dollar-for-dollar.

Your Nonprofit Might Qualify for a $10,000 Google AdWords Grant!

Your NPO Might Qualify for a $10,000 Per Month Google AdWords Grant

That’s right. Your nonprofit organization could be receiving $10,000 every month from Google to spend on Google AdWords, a powerful tool to direct search traffic to your website. Many people don’t even know that this grant exists, and perhaps even worse, some people know about it but don’t know how to act on it. Let’s provide remedies to both problems today.

What’s Google AdWords again?