Call for Member Testimonials

How has your organization benefitted from being a member of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement?

In celebration of the Center’s 35th anniversary of service to the nonprofit community, we have launched a special campaign. The 35 Campaign is our chance to raise awareness in the broader community about the value the center brings to area nonprofits, helping them strengthen capacity through training and technical assistance programs, networking, advocacy and group buying power.

It’s also our chance to raise additional funding so we can continue to support the good work you do.

Here’s where you can help.
One of the most compelling ways that we can garner support from the community is to share stories of individual organizations and people who have achieved tangible benefit from our programs. If you have a story of organizational or individual success, progress or triumph that was aided by your direct participation in Center programs or benefits, please share it with us.
5 Tips for writing your stories:

  1. The ideal story length is between 200 and 300 words. The Center may make minor stylistic changes to the story, but will always respect the integrity of the narrative.
  2. Tell a story about how the Center helped you overcome one specific challenge or achieve one specific goal for your organization or for your own individual professional development (e.g. building a stronger, more engaged board of directors; improving strategic planning; strengthening your personal leadership skills; being able to provide quality health benefits to your employees….). Feel free to submit more than one story if you have more than one success to tout.
  3. Be specific about the Center benefit or program that helped you, but make the story about you, your experience and the positive outcomes.
  4. Ultimately, people want to hear about how the improvement you achieved helped the people your organization serves. Talk about the impact on your ability to deliver services and achieve better outcomes. If possible relay a story about a single individual whose situation was improved as a result of your growth and enrichment.
  5. Highlight the difference from before you participated in the Center program, and after you partook of the services.

This is your chance to talk about you and your organization, the enhancements and improvements you’ve made to achieve your mission, and how the Center has helped. We will post these stories on our website and promote them through social media (total reach of more than 20,000 followers) over the course of the 35 Campaign, which will run through the end of 2014.

Please submit your story as a word document attacement vial email  to Jorge Astorga at