Center for Nonprofit Advancement Announces New VitalHealth Medical Plan for Members

Washington, D.C. (April 8, 2015) – The Center for Nonprofit Advancement has announced updates to their medical insurance plan, offered to members through the VitalHealth program. The Center will offer seven plans for Center members, with insurance coverage provided by CareFirst. 

In addition to affording members access to the largest network of providers in the nation, this shift provides additional benefits including:

  • A Health Savings Account HMO plan.
  • Access to a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program that will help an employee and their primary care physician manage their overall health.
  • A new microsite for employees to easily access Primary Care Physicians, Specialist and Urgent Care facilities.

“The Center continuously strives to provide our members with high quality benefits,” said Glen O’Gilvie, the CEO of the Center for Nonprofit Advancement. “We determined that working with CareFirst would enable members more control over their healthcare costs and national flexibility in healthcare coverage for their employees.”

Members will maintain their current healthcare plans until June 30, 2015. For approved requests, the CareFirst Transition of Care Program will supplort employees with chronic medical conditions for an additional 90-days to ensure any existing service is not interrupted.

To assist with the transition and prepare the Online System for the Open Enrollment period (May 1 to June 15), the Center will transfer all employees to the new replica plans offered on the CareFirst platform by April 30. Employees will still have the opportunity to change, add or terminate coverage during the Open Enrollment period.

The Center will host their second round of open enrollment meetings on April 21 to answer member questions.

About the Center for Nonprofit Advancement
For 35 years the Center for Nonprofit Advancement has strengthened the capacity of nonprofit organizations throughout Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, supporting more than 13,000 and directly engaging nearly 1,000 organizations (our members), the Center assists area nonprofits to achieve their missions through training and technical assistance programs, networking, advocacy and group buying power.


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